4. Mar, 2018

Casa Inferno

Vestregata 2, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

Very popular centrally located pizza restaurant (always a good sign!) offering plenty of cosy character especially on a snowy winter’s night.

A venue where the cold chill of the Arctic Circle gets completely warmed up with the warmth of an original Italiano stone Pizza oven, serving a wide selection of hearty & large! Nepalese inspired pizzas, calzones and a warming bottle of Mediterranean red, which just seems to work, especially in this quirky steampunk interior.

With its large copper and movable artisan pendant lighting, throwing dimmed lighting and shadows across the venue, a cool tarnished-silver embossed vintage style and a replica ‘to scale’ silver airship spanning the top of the bar all working together to make the atmosphere, cosy, warm & welcoming,

Menu; http://www.casainferno.no/files/meny_casainferno_november-2018.pdf