4. Mar, 2018


Fredrik Langes gate 9, 9008 Tromsø, Norway

A tasteful and contemporary retro style café situated at the side of a funky vintage shop and offering a wide selection of delicious treats from freshly handmade sandwiches, a selection of freshly brewed coffee and sticking with the fresh theme, freshly baked Scandinavian sweets, desserts and cakes.

Set in a wonderfully calming yet lively atmosphere where you can while away the afternoon flicking through the strategically placed, photography, fashion and colourful art magazines generously laid out throughout the café, makes your visit all the more appreciated.

The walls are adorned with a wide selection of art, some even for sale and if you fancy a bit of retail therapy and bagging yourself a one off vintage garment or book then you do even have to leave the building.

Whether you choose to sit in one of the few little side rooms (for those that like their privacy) or the mian space, its an ideal stop over for that much needed Fika, a lovely concept that just seems to work, relaxing yet awake, fun yet calming, just enjoy.