4. Feb, 2018

The Loco

Smedsgränd 11, 753 20 Uppsala, Sweden

Cookie, quirky and Loco (as the name suggests) Loco definitely has its own individual feel, oh and the foods really good too!

After recently being fully renovated, they did a great job! With replica life sized trapeze models hanging from the ceiling and pure white monkeys dotted about the space, left right and centre you won’t be short of entertainment.

The menu offers large and small dishes of non-traditional delicious lunches (we had the huge shrimp salad and giant bowl of pork soup noodles) hearty dinners and a wide choice of desserts, there’s got to be something here for you! And with dishes served by the happy go lucky staff and all made in front of your very eyes in the open plan kitchen, you know it’s all 100% fresh.

And if you don’t want to eat, it doubles for both a café and a bar, so something for everyone’

A light, bright, fun loving, modern and unique establishment that caters for everyone, both the young and the older at heart.  

Menu (meny): https://restaurangloco.se/meny/