5. Jul, 2017

Trattoria La Foglia

Via Capodieci, 21, 96100 Siracusa SR, Italy

This quirky, eclectic and eccentric restaurant grabbed us within seconds (we even had to walk around the whole space checking it all out before we could even begin sit down and concentrate on dinner)

A complete mixed bag of antique furniture, odd ornaments, over-sized flowers, lace & art works adorn the whole restaurant and give it that original flavour that we so like, even the menus were handmade and all individual.

We sat outside, at one of the original antique wooden tables (where no two tables were the same!) drinking from gorgeous mixed retro styled glassware, sat upon vintage embroidered table cloths.

The food was exceptional & delicious (perfumed fava bean soup, unusual homemade pastas, grilled pesce spada (swordfish) and mouth-watering fresh polpette di tonno (tuna meatballs) arrive on small plates (vintage of course) bursting with different flavours and unusual combinations that had us looking forward to the next dish with eager anticipation and when it arrived, we weren’t disappointed.

A great little restaurant that’s different from the norm, great food and ambiance and lovely welcoming waiting staff, You’d be advised to book in advance, this place is on a lane were people pass by regularly and once they feast their eyes on this place, they immediately want to eat here.