11. May, 2017

Michalská Cocktail Room

Michalská 370/5,811 01 Bratislava, 81101 Bratislava, Slovakia

Well, if you want to go somewhere really cool, this is the place! Discreetly ask the waiter in the café/Bistro downstairs “can we go up” and if he says yes, ascend the stairs immediately and stop when you see a beautiful louvered wardrobe balanced against a large wall on top of the landing.

Gently open the wardrobe doors and climb inside, gently knocking on the back of the wardrobe when inside and if you’re lucky, the back of the wardrobe will open and you will be beckoned through into what can only be described as a truly atmospheric vintage American style prohibition bar straight out of the 1920’s or 30’s. This amazingly creative, cosy and spell binding bar will win you over within seconds and have you whiling the evening away, sipping on tasty cocktail after tasty cocktail whilst listening to the gentle authentic 1930s tunes merrily add to the whole retro experience.

We would highly recommend this venue, it offers a glamorous taste of times gone by (that quite frankly we could do with coming back!) with its soft vintage jazz music, time appropriate furniture, comfy sofas and cool collection of original black and white photographs, you will feel transported back to times of innocent decadence and gay abandon, all served up on a silver cocktail tray of class.

No cocktails are off limits, the experienced mixologists will whip you something innovative up in minutes and if you want to go classic, then you can do that too. Apparently the cocktail menu follows the seasons, so take the plunge, you certainly won’t be disappointed

There’s no other word for it, this place is just ‘fabulous’ they have nailed it and it’s not to be missed!