11. May, 2017

Bistro SOHO

Laurinská 141/17, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia


Based over 2 floors and in 2 separate venues, each with its own atmosphere (one is white and bright the other dark and atmospheric) Bistro SOHO is perched either side of the entrance to one of Bratislava’s top end designer shopping courtyards. Both sites are slick, classy & immaculate and serve amazing Thai food to a very high standard and at affordable prices.


SOHO’s menu is small but well thought out and really happy and friendly staff will serve you beautiful fresh Asian classis, such as lovingly oversized meat or vegetarian noodle soups or spicy Thai basil & chilli or coconut & ginger curries, to name but a few


If you do pop into Bistro SOHO, be sure to sample one of their home made jam jar lemonades, so refreshing! Cucumber & lime, raspberry & rose, elder tree & mint, jasmine, orange and blueberry, lavender, we were so spoilt for choice!


Booking ahead is advised, this place is popular with all ages and that’s because the food is so good!