26. Apr, 2017

Vicky Barcelona Tapas Bar

Budapest, Dob u. 16, 1072 Hungary

Are we in Barcelona, no were in Budapest? This perfectly thought out venue will have your little Spanish eyes lighting up the moment you walk through the door and we couldn’t have put it better than their own spot on description ‘a little part of Spain brought right to Budapest’.

There’s no other way of describing it, Vicky’s interiors looks like a typical and classy tapas bar from the heart of Spain, there’s Spanish inspired tiles everywhere, huge toreador & flamenco dancer images dotted about, and lush red velvety curtains surrounding every table (unless your seated at the bar in true tapas restaurant style)

There’s a very large food menu here (along with a separate drinks menu) but don’t fret, the very experience waiters are at hand to guide you through and explain ‘everything’ you may want to know (a really nice touch we thought). We finally went with the selection of cheese and mixed charcuterie board (of course) Spanish olives and a selection of fresh breads, the crispy sea food bites & spicy squid with fresh lemon, the ‘outstanding’ tortilla (recommended) and the spicy black pudding meatballs, all of which were really delicious.

And don’t forget the sangria, which sits perfectly in this buzzy, lively, Latino music inspired venue right in the heart of Budapest, yes Budapest! We’d heard it was a fantastic venue for atmosphere, food and dancing from the locals and they weren’t wrong and if the locals are up for it, then so are we and If you’re not shy or the Sangria has kicked in, guests start dancing to the rhythms of salsa, samba, bachata as the evening gets later, the perfect place to let your hair down and laugh into the night.