26. Apr, 2017

Gettó Gulyás

Budapest, Wesselényi u. 18, 1077 Hungary

One of our favourite eating experiences in Budapest, you could easily walk past this place if you didn’t have your eyes open but we don’t miss a trick!!

Its design is subtle but very, very well thought out (blink and you miss it) but Its refreshingly different than most other restaurant in the area, or in fact Budapest. The main walls are covered with contemporary corrugated-metal sheets, complementing the intentionally worn in vintage furniture and with a back feature wall made entirely of straw that will have you fascinated. A Small collection of vintage farm ephemera is dotted about and you will be served your dinner on beautifully simple white vintage plates.

The chef is aiming for flavours of the countryside, simple but well-made, natural tasting food similar to what grandma would have cooked or grown in her own garden but presented with a more up to date and modern twist.

Offering authentic Hungarian flavours such as bone marrow on home baked toast (delicious) catfish stew with baked curd cheese noodles, Lamb, Chicken or beef Paprikask served with traditional noodles (delicious) Gizzard stew, rooster testicles and cocks comb stew with peasant bread or roasted knuckle stew, you will soon get the gist and they can all be washed down with their own home brewed beers, the homemade bread and cracklings were really a nice tough too.

The service was really great too, really nice waiters will make your visit feel welcome, we were even offered a sofa (vintage of course) to sit and have a drink on, whilst waiting for a table to become available, this place was busy (and rightly so) so arrive early or book a head, it’s so worth it. It’s simple but understated and recommended.