4. Mar, 2017

Bar Lardo

Møllergata 38A, 0172 Oslo, Norway


Bar Lardo, a cosy little understated late night pit-stop that also serves small plates (cheeses/premium cuts) upon request.


Blink and you could miss this place, a slim narrow little bar with no sign outside but really compact and cosy on the inside. And once you’re inside you could be forgiven for thinking you were sitting in a secret little local bar in the back streets of somewhere like Barcelona or Lisbon


A friendly little hang-out with a ‘long’ and cool list of classy wines and beers and if you need some guidance on picking, then just ask, the staff were always ready and willing to guide.


Quiet laid back and relaxed is how we would sum this bar up, if you don’t want loud noise, heightened chatter or really load music, then Bar Lardo is just the place for you. Start or end your night with a good glass of wine or beer in this calming hangout a great place to unwind.


Bar Lardo: open until 1am every night apart from Friday & Saturday when its open till 3am.