4. Mar, 2017

Hell’s Kitchen

Møllergata 23, 0179 Oslo, Norway


What a great find, retro chic at its best. Set in a rather non-descript dark grey building on the outside, with large plane wooden doors and no indication that there is ‘anything’ worth seeing inside, but there is! And if you like original old retro interiors from the 40s/50s then you’re in the right place and will be in your retro element.


Having survived the test of time, bar meets diner with its beautiful and amazing blonde wooden clad rounded bar, complete with high stools (if you wish to sit at the bar) or fantastic shiny booths by the large open windows lit by the classic overhanging retro chic lighting and the DJ spinning a selection of vintage rock classics, you don’t even have to like the music but it just works here and you find yourself tapping along


Eat in a booth or snack at the bar, there are no limits here and plenty of space for all, light snacks such as Pizza are on offer, which fits perfectly with its kick-back and relaxed retro atmosphere


Hell’s Kitchen is a great place to hang with friends, meet new ones and while away the evening, in this very pleasant, cool, retro space. Sit back and imagining what it would have been like back in the day, probably not a lot different but in good way.