5. Jan, 2017

Café Linné

Svartbäcksgatan 22, 753 32 Uppsala, Sweden

An Uppsala classic! If you need to take a break from the day’s stresses and strains then there is no other place better than Cafeteria Carl Linnaeus (Café Linné) to relax over a delicious “fika”. Fika is considered a social institution in both Sweden and Finland and means taking a break, most often a coffee & cake break, with colleagues, friends, a date or family.

Enjoy a hearty breakfast, lunch or tasty home cooked dinner, they have it all but if you like your desserts, pastries and cakes, then you are certainly in for a treat, just try not to get too overwhelmed trying to decide on which one to have from their ‘huge’ selection that is on offer.

Cosy, welcoming, homely, sofas, relaxing, this place can’t help but draw you in, and you must try their original linen cream buns

Enjoy a great coffee or tea and a delicious Swedish pastry, the only hard part is getting up to leave.