4. Oct, 2016

Elia Beach Restaurant

84600 Elia Beach, Mykonos Greece

Elia beach is one of the furthest and largest beaches on the south of the island and it is just further along the coast from the famous Super Paradise Beach. The only restaurant on Elia beach, Elia BR won’t let you down, with its huge open and bright spaces, sitting directly on the beach front, stylishly pulled together into various zones, you’re bound to find an area that appeals to you the most (and there are a few to choose from).

Lovely and appropriate decor that nicely blends into its environment will attract you back, and the open-air feel takes full advantage of the beautiful and natural landscape and of course the sunny beach weather.

“Elia runs as a cafe-restaurant by day serving breakfast and lunch” and dinner in the restaurant in the evening serving a wonderful array of Mediterranean and Greek specialities with something for everyone

Once you have had your refreshments or just chilled out utilising the views, you can swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters, or just lay on a sunbed and while away your holiday hours with a great big smile on your face, Elia Beach Restaurant (and of course beach) are well worth the trip out and is accessed by either, mini bus, taxi, car, scooter or Quad which will all get you out to Elia in a jiffy.

“Elia welcomes all with the beach characterized as “gay-friendly” it also offers separate private nudist areas, should you wish to partake and after all, this is the fabulous Mykonos!