4. Oct, 2016

Familia Restaurant

Goumenio Square, Mykonos Town, Greece

One of our ‘all-time’ favourite Mykonos Town restaurants.  Set within the beautiful Goumenio square, the only word suiting for this restaurant is gorgeous. From its stunning location, its soft lighting and its ceiling completely covered in beautiful pink bougainvillea flowers, you will feel like you have been seated in the Mykonian countryside.

This place comes complete with vibrant, buzzy and efficient staff and of course, first class dishes from a first class menu. Not you’re A-Typical choice (however there are some classics featured) this restaurants stretches further than Greece (in a good way) and offers dishes from across the globe (with some saying this makes a welcomed change).

The exciting variety of food, it’s ‘really’ beautiful setting and the fabulousness of the staff will all win you over, this place offers all you will ever need to a recipe of success!

Phone ahead and reserve, just to be sure, its popular for the most ‘obvious of reasons!