1. Sep, 2016


Stora Torget 10, 740 46 Uppsala, Sweden

Set over two floors of the historic Uppsala town hall building (some parts date back to 1645) you know it’s going to be ‘Grand’ and it is! Beautifully kitted out to showcase Uppsala’s relatively new offering, Frenchi is a gorgeously styled and classy joint that definitely feels special.

Intertwined within an amazing fashion department store, Frenchi just fits, offering a wonderful eclectic blend of both French and Asian dishes.

Downstairs is a more relaxed affair but upstairs features Frenchis a la carte restaurant and bar designed to offer a more comfortable, stylish and cosy feel with dimmed lights and cosy booths, making the whole experience quite intimate.

It’s Pan-Asian and French food flavours don’t disappoint and the “Le Royal” beef burger (topped with gruyere, brioche, truffle mayonnaise, tomato, pickled cucumber, caramelized onions) served with French fries deliciously ticked ‘all’ the boxes.

It’s a YES from us!