1. Sep, 2016


S:t Eriks Torg, 753 10 Uppsala,

(huge white umbrellas in the blog picture)

One of the most beautiful restaurant settings in Uppsala, when Åkanten opens it terrace, you know that spring has arrived in Uppsala, and that the summer is nearly here.

At the edge of Fyrisån, next to the Market Hall and with the stunning Uppsala Cathedral next door, this is the number one place to be seen in town. A large outdoor restaurant serving delicious quality lunches and dinners, from its open plan grill and drinks from its extensive and fun bar, this place is tried and tested and it knows how to please.

Right in the heart of the city, you can either start of finish your night off here or even just stay all day & night, once you arrive you won’t want to leave, especially if you get a water’s edge sofa, it has it all.  

An assortment of perfectly cooked and well thought-out dishes are available (and there’s a charcoal grill too, if you like that sort of thing too) this place is perfect for a quiet dinner before the party gets started, later in the evening and the mixed crowd just adds to its appeal.

Don’t visit Uppsala without visiting Åkanten