31. Aug, 2016

Restaurang Tzatziki

Fyristorg 4, 753 10 Uppsala, Sweden

Tzatziki is located in the heart of Uppsala and was built in the 1600s by Olof Rudbeck, it’s in one of the most beautiful locations right on the edge of the Fyrisån (Uppsala’s main river). The sound of the trickling water just adding to this wonderful experience (they even give you a fleecy blanket for your legs when it goes dark) Its stunning and if you can secure a table outside you won’t be disappointed when the night falls and the fairy lights come on, it’s a magical setting in a beautiful town.

As you would expect, Tzatziki offers all of the classic Greek specialties and drinks to match, you won’t go home with a rumbling tummy and this place is perfect to while away beautiful Swedish summer’s nights with a glass of retsina.