4. Jul, 2016

Prosciutteria Coronari

Piazza de Coronari 128, 00186 Roma

What a cute little place, nestled amongst a ‘few’ other little local cafés and restaurants set in a typical and quaint quieter roman neighborhood, it may have very wobbly tables but this just added to its complete charm and nothing a generous stack of napkins couldn’t fix.  Really friendly and smiley staff perfectly keen to address all your needs, the service was excellent.  This perfect little place is also ideal for people watching, as it’s situated on a relatively quiet little lane with just enough traffic (people) to keep you interested.  Serving up all the classics, we went for the Sea Food Risotto and the Traditional (and gorgeous) Lasagna and we were not disappointed, and they offered a great selection of wines to and don’t fret you won’t be overwhelmed as the table matt was broken down in to all of the Italian wine regions to help you decided on your region and your grape. Enjoy, we really did.