4. Jul, 2016

La Moretta

Via di Monserrato 158, Rome,

Yes, we liked this place a lot, it just felt so Roman! And just what you would expect! A great little local restaurants (we were the only tourists) just off the beaten track in a lovely little secluded square. We sat outside on the buzzy terrace, filled with locals, laughing, smiling and just having an all-round good time whilst eating really good food. It’s the kind of place you know will be good as it was jam packed with people from the neighborhood who have the inside info and now so do we!  A simple but traditional menu offering really good quality food with fantastic flavors.

This place is approx. 250 meters away from the very buzzy , picturesque, lively and popular local restaurant Pierluigi (located in the next adorable little courtyard/square) a much more expensive affair than Moretta but in our eyes, of very similar quality but in Moretta you will get change from your 100 euros your probably paying extra for the white table cloths and Italian movie set vibe.