4. Jul, 2016

Ristorante La Camogliese Camogli

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 76, 16032 Camogli

The perfect waterfront location (however every location in Camogli is perfect!). With its Lovely ‘Im on holiday restaurant atmosphere’ very helpful and supportive staff and food of the best quality (most of it literally straight from the sea) then you can’t go wrong!

With its amazing selection of the freshest salads, accompanied by the equally fresh seafood, meat  and vegetarian choices, the obligatory house bread (which was homemade and amazing) and amazing local wines, you won’t want it all to finish . 

If you love fresh food, then you will loves La Camogliese, sit at private little tables along the terrace al fresco or you have the option of sitting inside in a little wooden hut on stilts jutting out over the beach below, with the most amazing views out across the beach and village of Camogli and the Italian Rivera further off into the distance, all in all stunning.