6. Jun, 2016

Grand Central Market, LA

317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

A cool and atmospheric food and drinks market set in down town LA which has been in place since 1917. An exciting emporium hosting all things food, flavour, flowers and fun.

The Grand Central Market's celebrates the cuisines and cultures from across Los Angeles and you are definitely spoilt for choice. What’s nice about this place is that it keeps the legacy going of old historic downtown in a fast changing area (you can already start to see the slow growth of gentrification creeping in)

This market brings together many of LAs mixed communities into one exciting place for all to enjoy. A 30,000 square-foot dynamic arcade, choc full of fine food and retail outlets in a fast growing downtown location. Go see and grab a refreshing cup of fine coffee from GB Coffee whilst watching the original funicular railway transport passengers up to the higher levels of LA LA Land.