21. May, 2016

Norma's at The Parker Palm Springs

4200 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264, United States

Sunny, Retro Palm Springs and you’re spoilt for choice for cool retro-chic & uber modern hotels to hang out in!

This stylish, bright, modern & hot! Patio eatery at the Parker Hotel was a perfect spot to go all Al Fresco (perfect in fact) Set overlooking the hotels beautiful gardens ( & it’s the dessert remember) it offers comfortable seating and delicious American breakfasts, lunches & dinners.

Norma’s (and the whole hotel in fact) feels slightly indulgent & fairly pricey; however, a visit here feels like a must, if you ever do visit PS. It’s not all outdoors, the restaurant has an inside section, however, it feels almost wrong to sit indoors in such a lovely hotel located in PS (make the most of it if you’re from the UK, it’s so worth it) and if you scrunch up your eyes a bit, you may even get the Mad Men vibe that we got!

The menu is BIG and the portions are great (we eat a lot!) the service was fine but the ambiance and decor of the whole place, is fantastic and so worth a visit even if you don’t eat here, It kind of feels like you’re in a 60s movie set (as the star!) and it possibly was once!