31. Jan, 2017


74 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4HR


Great little chicken lunch stop over spot. If you like chicken then don’t fret; it’s all here for you! This New York-styled chicken shop will serve all your needs, serving up a wide selection of funky chicken dishes in a multitude of ways.


Astro turf text and neon signs adorn the interior, and the clean white walls and exposed brick make this place this place bright, casual, fresh and funky, just what you’d expect from a ‘modern day’ chicken restaurant doing what it knows best, oh and the service was great too, friendly and willing what more do you want.


Choose from no-frills chicken to breaded, bapped and burger-ed, whatever you want, you will get, from on the bone to boneless, chillied or rotisseried, it’s all here and on offer, they certainly know how to do their chicken, all’s you have to do now is pick!


Oh and the giant thick shakes are amazing too! The Kinder Koop is a must (Kinder Bueno, banana and ice cream) and if you can’t eat it all here, just ask for a doggy bag, they will gladly oblige. If you like chicken then pop into Koop, its great.