2. Jun, 2016

Ex-Directory Bar Liverpool

We finally found it (thanks to our amazing local source of information!) and it was worth the wait! A fantastic night was had by all and all in secret below the streets of Liverpool. Super Amazing! But Sshh...don’t tell! :-)

Ex-Directory, is Liverpool’s latest best kept secret, no one tells, not even us! If you can find it, you will love it.

Quite the chase to find.... this very stylish and discreet private bar is hidden in an unknown location 'somewhere' in the heart city . To gain entry you need to reserve a booth and be in possession of a personalised telephone number (acquired by txt) that’s the easy part!

Once you have your private number, you then you have to track down the signature red telephone box (see picture) And oh yes, it’s not easy to find, at all! After wandering down various passages and alleys we finally found it, we all squeezed in and then and made the call.

It worked, the back of the telephone box promptly opened and down the staircase we went where we set our excited little eyes upon a super sophisticated and uber trendy underground cocktail bar area. This relatively new speakeasy offers an unlimited and eclectic array of cocktails that made the adventure totally worth it. It made us think of Narnia (phone box replacing wardrobe) however, once inside your free to party (& dance) in whatever way you wish, after all, you made it! not all do!!! A must if in town.