1. Jun, 2016

San Carlo – Liverpool

41 Castle St, Liverpool L2 9SH

Another favourite! At first we didn’t think we would like this place but how wrong were we! We had originally heard that the place was full of footballers and wags but on reflection, so what, everyone in there is super friendly, polite and really knows how to party, so what’s not to like!

Every time we have visited, we always have a great time in its very buzzy atmospheric bar for pre-drinks before heading to a large side -booth for a 'fantastic' dinner (and at fantastic prices!) The menu is massive and everything on it looks and sounds amazing and the dishes we have managed to order (& there have been many!) have NEVER disappoint, especially the seafood.

This bar and restaurant could give any bar/restaurant in NYC a run for its money, it’s that good! If you like a little bit of glitz and glamour then you will love it here and who knows, you may even see a famous footballer, his wag or even the odd celeb kicking back and enjoying all on offer.

Book a table well in advance, this place is popular and for all the right reasons, we wished we had gone when we first heard about it, instead of judging by name alone, this place rocks and you won’t be disappointed if you love a good time and great food all in one place.

With its contemporary feel and NYC vibe, dress up, have fun and enjoy the fabulous selection of delicious Italian dishes & wines, It might not be to everyone taste but we 'always' have a 'brilliant' time in San Carlo Liverpool, so go on, give it a whirl!