If i could...

29. Nov, 2018

Tiles (Al Hambra – Out & About) & Tapas (Taberna de Jam / Patanchon / La Bartola / Las Teresas -Taste Global) on tour. Treat yourself to a tasteful (Jacks Smokehouse – Taste Global) & tantalising (EME Catedral Hotel Rooftop Bar - Taste Global) trip around the beautiful towns and cities of Southern Spain. 

Y Viva España!!! 

12. Nov, 2018

From all four corners of London town and the little bits in-between, Explore (Cutty Sark Pub – Taste London) (Up at The O2/Thames Jet - Out & About) Investigate (Turner Prize – Tate Britain – Creative Eye) and Navigate (Casa do Frango/ Kudu – Taste London) the city is your Oyster or even your Pearl (Cora Pearl/Blacklock Soho – Taste London)


24. Oct, 2018

Sunset Santorini (Volkan on the Rocks Café & Cinema/Galini Café/Naoussa -Taste Global) Soak up the sensational scenery (PK Cocktail Bar - Taste Global) sublime sunsets (Oia – Out & About) and seek out secret black sandy beaches (Perissa - Out & About). Santorini, a place of serenity (Pelican Kipos – Taste Global).


15. Oct, 2018

Sometimes being stranded on an island in the middle of the sea isn’t all bad! It’s all about your supplies and your stamina! Thankfully Mykonos has it all covered, from your everyday bathing solutions (Kenshō Boutique – Taste Global) to your eating and drinking survival options (Kiki's Tavern/Joanna's Nikos Taverna/Apaggio/Caprice Bar/ Aglio e Olio/Montparnasse - the Piano Bar - Taste (Global) 180º Sunset Bar-Mykonos  - Taste (Global) and even your safe and secure sleeping cave - Cavo Tagoo - Taste (Global) there’s no doubt you’re going to survive, Ahh, Island Life! Happy Holidays!

4. Oct, 2018

Life won’t be a drag (DRAG: Self-portraits and Body Politics – Creative Eye) if you eat (10 Greek Street – Taste London) drink (Kyseri - Taste London) and play well. London Town the jewel in everyone’s Tiara.