If i could...

15. Jul, 2018

Cool, collected Corsica. Chic, cultural (Bonifacio, Corsica: Out & About) coastal coves (Lavezzi Islands - Out & About) and cosmopolitan cuisine (Dorsia Restaurant/ La Loggia/U Castillé – Taste Global) all in all its captivating and a big cheer goes out to Corsica.

9. Jul, 2018

Pleasurable, Poised, Peaceful (Restaurant/Bar Namaste – Taste Global) Preserved, Pretty (La Maddalena Archipelago – Out & About) Pizza (Lo Squalo Restaurant Pizza – Taste Global) Pasta (SAS Tapas - Taste Global) People (Pappa E Ciccia – Taste Global) and just down-right Perfect (Anticas Licanzias – Taste Global) that’s Sardinia and all it has to offer.

23. Jun, 2018

If it’s a little bit of the sweet & exotic you fancy then look no further than London Town (Le Gateau Soho Theatre/The Turn of the Screw - Regent's Park Open Air Theatre - Creative Eye /Dishoom Kings Cross – Taste London) or for that little ray of Mediterranean Sunshine (Radio Alice – Taste London and The Real Greek Dulwich – Taste London) get yourself down to South London, great food, sunshine and smiles should always go hand in hand.

10. Jun, 2018

Fly like a bird (The Eagle and Child – Taste UK) Swim like a fish (Parsons – Taste London) and eat like you mean it! (Viet Food & 500 Degrees Taste London) Life is good, embrace it.

31. May, 2018

Just what the Dr ordered (First Aid Box – Taste London) Eating & drinking therapy (Delamina & Cottons – Taste London) is the medicine of life, no need to be patient, treat your condition (Twist – Taste London) and you will most certainly reap the rewards.